We boast of global delivery of hands and feet services with our network of global partners. Our engineers provide our clients with 24/7 coverage on a global scale. Our project delivery teams and service desk deliver a seamless and reliable service anywhere on the planet.

We stand out in our business model as we only undertake work on behalf of our partners. We work for top system integraters and IT companies and deliver them access to our global network.We have seen tremendous success by being paid for performance. We are responsible for the productivity and coping with volatility and ticket volume.

Full-Time Engineers - Our full-time engineers take on the responsibility of your IT team. If you require help with a big IT project, then we can help.

Break-Fix Engineers - Our dispatch engineers are the emergency services of IT support. If your printers are down or your server has stopped working dial in Kurativz for TAT based resolution. Our IT Field Support engineers cover most part of globe and are ready to take over your It problems.

Some of the problems we tackle for you are:
> Fault Diagnosis
> Installation / Setup Hardware & Software
> Provision Loan Equipment
> Proactive Maintenance
> Break Fix
> Assist Office Moves
> Project Work

24x7 service desk is ready to listen to your problems once you face them. They work and coordinate with client within committed response time. Service desk is responsible to arrange the engineer on ground, whereever they are needed and they are constantly in touch with both customer and engineer until the problem is resolved and reports filed by the customer. Call us today +91-9870.417.419 or drop us a line.

How we stand out?

Service Level Agreements: Every engineer is measured against the Service Level Agreements for your business.

Consistent Service Globally: Your business will received consistent, high quality end user support wherever you are located.

Globally Compliant: Every engineer is trained to have a unique insight into your IT support requirement.

Local Language Support: Our engineers speak local language and technical English.

Call us today +91-9870.417.419 or drop us a line.

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